Fire Suppression Water Trailer 

or Skid System  


Fire Suppression Water Trailer

Add an element of safety when burning your brush piles.  It is always best to have a readily available water source when burning brush piles.  Take a look at our economical Fire Suppression Trailer using cleaned and recycled IBC Totes.

Price $3495.00

Getting ready to burn the brush piles you have after clearing land with the Monster Skid Steer Attachments?  Consider purchasing one of our Fire Suppression Water Trailers.  Having a readily available water source can provide you with the safety you need to have peace of mind while burning.  This trailer is set up in a very straight foward fashion and is very user friendly.  The 6x12 trailer has a walk around deck for easy access to the IBC Totes.  The recycled IBC Totes are cleaned and ready for use.  Each IBC Tote holds 275 gallons of water providing you with a total of 550 gallons of on demand water.

The Fire Suppression System is set up with a 20' intake hose with screened intake for quickly filling the IBC Totes from stock tanks, ponds, etc.  When time is of the essence this feature is great to have.  When filling the IBC Totes from a large water source you can expect to fill the totes in approximately 6 minutes.  The output hose is a lay flat  25" hose equipped with a 2" fire nozzle which provides a great spray pattern as well as extended reach.  The 2" Predator Pump's 212 cc engine will provide all the power you need to ensure that brush piles can be safely monitored while burning.

The Fire Suppression Water Trailer is not available for shipping.  Arrangements must be made to pick this item up at our location near Eldorado, Texas.  Call to order and arrange pick up time.

​​Fire Suppression Skid System

This self contained system implements a 275 gallon recycled IBC water tote, 1 inch pump, screened filler hose and non-collapsible discharge hose.  This all in one self contained fire suppression system will allow you to remain in the bed of your pickup while controlling hot spots. 

Price $1095.00